We are a platform for personal
expression based on the new field of
life curation.

There is an undue emphasis on grades and students today have to tackle the mismatch of their skills with future streams and career path selections. Additionally, to address a flood of information on skills and resources for their career development, students are often overwhelmed and end up following the herd.

Similarly, school Counsellor find it challenging to disseminate advice to a large cohort of students with varying interests. These above problems are compounded by a lack of self-awareness, different socio-economic classes and availability of affordable career counseling.

We guide students based on their inputs rather than asking the students themselves what careers they want like some of our main competitors do. We do so by identifying strengths and skills that each student can build upon and hence embark on their skill development journey.

Hence, LifeVitae is not just a career counseling platform, but we also help identify the skills and strengths exhibited by each student, helping them to take action early on. We also have various resources for a student to hone their skills and holistic development.

Keeping in mind a curated approach towards career counseling, we give options for vocational training and niche careers too based on what the student is interested in, and try to diversify the options rather than just focus on popular and mainstream careers for every student.

What we believe

Not everybody wants to be an engineer or a doctor, students can have varied interests and skills that cater to different and unique career pathways.

Who we are should matter more than what we know

Identifying skills is the first step in every student's skill development journey.

Life experiences shape us more profoundly than classrooms